Section One: New Views of the Universe

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         1.  What was the old (incorrect) Ptolemic view of the universe?
         2.  Summarize Copernicus’ heliocentric system.

Section Two: The New Scientific Method

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          1.  What is the real goal of science?
          2.  Describe the Inductive (Scientific) Method in your own words.

Section Three: Newton Pulls it all Together

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          1. How did Newton picture light (Part II)?
          2. What is Newton’s definition of gravitation (Part IV)?
          3. How did Newton view Christianity and God (Part V)?


Section Four: Other Scientific Advances

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           1.  What was Vesalius known for and what did he correct?

          Website 2
           2.  Boyle was the first prominent scientist to preform _________  _________.          

           3.  Boyle's best known contribution to scientific knowledge is the 1661   publication of this.
          Website 3

           4.  What did Harvey research and what did he discover?